Laser Therapy for Neuropathy

A Powerful Solution for Neuropathy

Most treatments currently in use for neuropathy are geared towards treating the symptoms.
Recent research has shown that DIOWAVE Laser Therapy™ can help treat the underlying
causes of neuropathy and help with symptom management by actually stimulating microcirculation
around the nerve fibers, which in turn increases blood flow to the nerves and helps
to heal and regenerate nerve tissue. Initially pain and inflammation are reduced as previously
mentioned and long-term effects come from restoring normal nerve function.

DIOWAVE Laser Therapy™ is painless and the short-term cessation of symptoms such as
numbness, burning and tingling come from suppression of pain receptors. The long term
effects come from increased blood flow to the affected nerve tissue with ultimate healing
of the pathological nerve tissue. Other positive results from laser therapy for peripheral
neuropathy also may include normal restoration of balance and sensation.

Concerns with Drugs

Currently the only treatments for ugly nails are drugs or topical
solutions. Drug therapies have many dangerous side effects while
often delivering less than optimal results. Topical solutions are even less